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State Compliance Colorado House Bill 22-1049

In accordance with Colorado House Bill 22-1049, signed as of April 21, 2022, concerning prohibiting a postsecondary institution from making payment of an outstanding balance on a student's account as a condition of issuing the student's documents. 


If the student can demonstrate, with supporting documentation, that a transcript, diploma, or certification is needed for any one of the following reasons, an institution of higher education may not withhold the documents even if the student still owes a balance due to the postsecondary institution. 


1) If a student requires it for a job application

2) If a student is transferring to another postsecondary institution

3) If a student is applying for state, federal, or institutional financial aid

4) If a student is pursuing opportunities in the military or national guard

5) If the student is pursuing other postsecondary opportunities


Any reason falling outside of the above listed reasons, does not qualify and the document(s) will continue to be held, until the balance due is paid. 


If the student owes a balance to the postsecondary institution, the student may make arrangements directly with the institution to repay the full debt owed within a 90 day period. No late fees shall be incurred or assigned to the student while in the repayment process. If a student fails to repay the balance due to the postsecondary institution within the 90 day period, their transcript, diploma, or certifications will be held until the debt is paid to 90% of the balance due. 


If the student owes a balance to the postsecondary institution, and wishes to enroll in another course offered by the same postsecondary institution, any previous debt(s) must be paid before the student can enroll for any additional course(s). 


The cost of attendance for the Academy for Dental Assisting Careers: 

Registration Fees: $150.00

Textbook & Dental Supplies: $320.00

Tuition: $2525.00

Total Cost of attendance: $2995.00

Students may apply for scholarships offered by Pacific Dental, and county WIOA programs. 

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